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Decorate Your Life With Us!

Creekside Garden Center is a nursery greenhouse and Art Gallery.  We have shade, ornamental, fruit, evergreen trees, perennials, annuals, roses, vegtables, seeds, pottery and garden supplies.
We are located on North Shields between Vine and Willox, just north of the Poudre river bridge on the east side. 


ART:  THE SO CALLED GALLERY By Barbara Haynie, Barney Jensen, Jana Ley,
& T Stardust.  (Click picture to see slide show).
Our Services


At Creekside Garden Center Greenhouse and Nursery we sell a wide range of garden products, plant and deliver trees.


​Gardening 101


Creekside Garden Center Greenhouse and Nursery can help you with information on all types of plantings from shade and ornamental trees, evergrees, fruit trees, small fruits, shrubs, and perennials.

Plant a vegetable patch


We have all types of vegtable seeds and starts, as well as everthing you need to get started, seed containers, cell pacs and the soil to fill them.

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